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HTML form design can often turn to be a tedious task.

First, you need to design the HTML page that contains the form using an HTML editor.

Next, you have to create a set of input validations using JavaScript. The final step is to create a form processor script that collects the data submitted in the form, validates it again and then sends it as email/stores in database or a file.

Finally, you have to test and test to ensure that the form looks same in all browsers and that the form works as expected.

Imagine, if there is a form design software that can take all of these tedious work from you, won’t you run and grab one copy?

Simfatic Forms is the tool that you are looking for.

Simfatic Forms: the form design software

There are several reasons why Simfatic Forms is an essential tool for anyone creating web forms.

  • Thanks to it’s Visual editor, Simfatic Forms lets you design the form exactly the way you want.
  • Make the forms quickly. Just choose the options; Simfatic Forms generates the code
  • You save time since you don’t have to write the scripts for the form

Features of Simfatic Forms

Almost all the features that one will expect from a form design tool are available in Simfatic Forms.

Visually design your form

Visually design the form

Simfatic Forms has a visual editor that lets you design the form in WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) fashion. You can just drop the form elements and place them in the way you want it.

All types of form input elements are supported.

For making it still easier, there are pre-built form elements (Name, Email, Address, Country etc ) that any form will usually contain.

Combined, these features allow you to design the form in a matter of minutes, no matter how big your form is.

Input validations

Form Validations

The most time consuming part of a web form design used to be input validations. Simfatic forms makes it a breeze to add input validations to the form. You just have to choose the validations from a large set of pre-built input validation types.

You are not limited by just ‘mandatory’ field validations. For example, for text box element itself, you can have input type validations ( alphabetic, numeric, Email etc) and input length validations, comparisons, pattern validations and more.

What more, the validation errors are displayed just next to the input elements. That makes it easy for your visitors to quickly spot the errors. And, importantly, the validation checks are conducted both in the client side and on the server side. That means, even if your visitors have disabled JavaScript in their browsers, invalid data is not let in. It is validated by the server side script as well.

Form processor script

Select Form Processing Options

The next important step in creating your form is to have a server side form processor script. Simfatic Forms makes this step also super-easy.

Simfatic forms can generate the form processor script that handles the data submitted in the form. The generated script can send the submitted form data to one or more email addresses, save the form data in a database table or a file and send an auto response to the visitor who submitted the form.

All that you have to do is to select the relevant options.

The features explored above are just a small, basic subset of what Simfatic Forms offers. There are many more interesting features that you may want to look at. Such as:

  • The ability to seamlessly blend the form page with your web site
  • add a ‘confirm form submission’ page (two-step form submission)
  • make your forms look great by picking a ‘form style’
  • Calculation field

and many, many more…!

Try it yourself

You can download a 30 day free trial and try all the features yourself.

For more information and downloads, click here: Simfatic Forms: the form design software

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