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jQuery: applying selector within 'this'

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When you handle events for a particular element, it is often required to make a change only within children of the element. Here is how to do it. Suppose this is the HTML code

<h2>Select the services you want:</h2>
<ul id='services'>
<li><img src='tick.gif'>Build a Website</li>
<li><img src='tick.gif'>Page design</li>
<li><img src='tick.gif'>Flash banners</li>
<li><img src='tick.gif'>SEO</li></ul>

When someone clicks on each of the service, the image is to toggle. Here is the jQuery code to do that

    //handle the click for each of 'li'
    $('ul#services li').click(function()
        //toggle the image
        var newimg =
            $('img',this).attr('src') == 'tick.png' ? 'cross.png' : 'tick.png';
        notice the second parameter to $() is the context.
         'this' is the 'li' that was clicked.*/
        $('img', this).attr('src',newimg);

jquery selector &rsquo;this&rsquo; example

When someone clicks on the list item, the image is toggled (tick/cross). The second parameter to the $() is the context. The change (changing the src attribute calling the attr() method) affects only the context (in this case, the ’this’ parameter).

The context parameter helps limiting the scope of the change.

See the demo

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