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ES6: How to export a named class

In this tutorial we are going to learn about modules and exports and what does this mean in your application and how will this change the way we think about javascript applications. This is the first time we have modules natively in javascript and it has been one of the most awaited features in the new release of EcmaScript 6. Although modules were not natively supported back then this did not stop people from using them as many standards have been implemented such as common js , amd and you can use Require js to have the same effect in your applications.

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Javascript Promise Tutorial

Promises is a new feature in javascript 2015 or as some people call it ES6 (Ecma script 6). Although this is a new feature some of you may have been already using it since it has been already implemented before using some libraries like blubird js but starting from now it will be shipped natively so you can use it without any frameworks or libraries. Promises libraries were created based on a standard named [https://promisesaplus.

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